Welcome to Amore Pet Boutique's website! We're so glad you stopped in!

My name is Lori and I own Home Treasures, which is proudly doing business as Amore Pet Boutique in Norwalk, IA and on the web. Amore proudly offers handmade items for pets and the people who love them. I truly believe God gave me the talents of creating, sewing, crafting, painting and so many more talents, that I MUST share them with everyone I can. This is why I create the custom apparel, blankets, jewelry, and other items; to bring you a little happiness and something new for you or your pet. 

The custom coats are tailor made specifically for your pet. You take measurements of you pet (cat, dog, pig...whatever needs an outfit), tell me the colors or theme you would like, and I make exactly what you want in the size that you need! 

And Amore is not just for pets--I create lovely custom jewelry for you or your pet! You can have the perfect matching jewelry as your pet! What a fun concept!

Let's create something fabulous and one of a kind for you or your pet today! Call 515-895-9482.

♥ Lori