We all love our family pets; they are like children, to many families. We care for them with all our hearts, buy them gifts, and play with them until both our hearts are content. However, animals require care and maintenance; this isn’t always the fun part. Making sure our pets are properly and regularly groomed is important, and pet owners need to take this into consideration before adding a pet to their family unit.


Ignoring the grooming process and well-needed care of your animal can be serious. There are many things that can happen when we neglect to keep our pets washed and groomed. In addition, clipping is not the same as grooming. Many pet owners will keep their dogs trimmed and clipped at home, but that is not equivalent to proper grooming. Clipping and trimming is only one part of the grooming process; there is much more to the process than one can do at home.


Proper grooming includes important tasks like parasite control, brushing, nail cutting, and ear hair clipping and cleaning. These Pet Grooming Services Norwalk Iowaacts increase the level of comfort of your pet. It is not just about keeping their appearances up to par. Grooming keeps pets comfortable and healthier, because they are less prone to getting fleas and other parasites. Teeth cleaning, though highly important, should be left to your pet’s veterinarian. At Amore, we do BRUSH (different from cleaning-just like people and the dentist) the pet’s teeth and you can/should do this at home, too. Most groomers are not permitted, in many states, to clean a pet’s teeth. The vet will professionally clean the teeth, but we do brush pet’s teeth and suggest pet owners do it as well. This should ideally be done once a day, but once a week can help tremendously. You can buy toothbrushes (we use kid’s toothbrushes here) and no paste or they can buy toothpaste at Amore or at another pet supply store. Some dental treats help, too, but brushing is ideal.


All dogs may not need the entire grooming process, but all dogs do need to be bathed, combed, and brushed, particularly if you have a long haired dog. Dogs with long hair can incur many different skin irritations and rashes, because the hair can easily get matted and cause major issues.


If your dog has an unusually bad body odor, your groomer may be able to determine what is causing the problem. Dental issues or problems with the dog’s rectum or anal sacs, such as needing to be expressed or drained; these are problems for a veterinarian, and your groomer may notice the issues and refer you to one. This is why it is so crucial to see a groomer regularly, to detect these issues before they become too bad and affect your dog’s health.


With regular grooming, problems like incessant scratching can be alleviated. Scratching doesn’t always mean that a dog has fleas, but may be a cause of dry skin, or some other types of skin rashes. Always let your groomer know of any problems that may occur between grooming. They will be able to help access the issue and let you know what to do, or refer you to a veterinarian for further help.


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